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ISAR Distinguished Career Award

Call for Nominations

The ISAR Distinguished Career Award Committee invites nominations for the award with a deadline for receipt of applications of 1 December the year before the next ICAR meeting. This award is presented to an individual(s) who has/have made significant contributions to aeolian research/science over his/her career. The award is normally presented every 2 years. Any member of ISAR may nominate one candidate per two-year cycle and nominations should include: a nomination letter explaining the significance of the nominees contribution to aeolian science (1 page max); a biographical sketch including a list of the nominees most significant publications (2 pages max, to include total number and types of publications and citations); and three letters of support (each 1 page max). The winners will receive a plaque and the following will be published in Aeolian Research: an announcement, the nomination proposal, winners picture, a letter of response by the winner. Further, the offer of a keynote lecture at the following ICAR. Some support for travel may be available.

Please submit nominations by email to Dr. Kerstin Schepanski, Chair of Award Committee