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ISAR Student Conference Awards

ISAR offers Student Conference Awards to provide support to students for presenting their work at international conferences or scientific meetings that align with the Purpose of the Society, to promote the training and development of the next generation of aeolian researchers.

The Society hosts two application rounds per year, with deadlines in early Spring, providing financial support up to a maximum of $500 to the winner in each round.

The applications are evaluated and ranked by the ISAR Scholarship Committee to select winner and reserve(s). The Committee may refrain from granting an award if no fitting applications are received.

The deadline for the next round is: 28 January .

More details can be found within the following document (updated January 2020): ISAR Student Travel grant

A list of past winners and their post-conference reports can be found here

Further Details
Applicants should meet all of the following requirements:
  1. be a student registered for a degree program at a recognised Higher Education Institute or University,
  2. be a member of ISAR,
  3. giving either an oral or a poster presentation at an international conference or scientific meeting taking place after the application deadline.
Note that previous recipients of this Award cannot apply again whilst pursuing the same degree.

Application Procedure
Applications should be submitted using the form available here, sent to the Chair of the Scholarship Committee (, and include all of the following:
  1. the abstract for the conference presentation, also indicating the type of presentation (oral/poster), and a confirmation of acceptance from the conference organisers,
  2. an indication of student status at time of application and type of degree being pursued (e.g. BSc/MSc/PhD)
  3. a 250-word statement explaining how participation at the conference will benefit both the applicant and the Purpose of the Society,
  4. an itemised budget, covering travel, accommodation, subsistence, and registration fees, including brief justifications of the estimated costs,
  5. details of other financial support already available to the applicant for conference participation,
  6. a letter of support from the applicant's supervisor (sent independently to the Chair of the Scholarship Committee).
Upon receipt of the Award the successful applicant is required to:
  1. acknowledge the financial support of ISAR in their conference presentation, including display of the ISAR logo (on opening slide, or poster corner),
  2. submit a short report on the conference (-session), after it has taken place, for the ISAR website and Newsletter,
  3. provide copies of receipts, after the conference has taken place, to the ISAR Treasurer, that verify the Award has been used according to the proposed budget.
  4. For any inquiries about this site contact the Tresurer.